Procida, a stunning island in the Bay of Naples, is one of Italy’s hidden gems that is often overlooked by travellers.

Situated in between popular islands Ischia and Capri, Procida has finally received the recognition the island deserves and was awarded Italy’s Capital of Culture for 2022. As the first island in Italy’s long history to be awarded the honour, Procida outperformed a mix of major cities and small towns – and it’s not surprising why.

Procida is a colourful Mediterranean-style 4km-wide island, featuring the same famous pastel houses, narrow streets and cafe-lined marinas of Capri and Ischia. What’s better though – Procida is widely untouched, brimming with native flora and fauna and wide stretches of pristine beaches.


A truly tranquil experience

Procida’s locals are proud of the fact that the island is so peaceful. Travellers seek out Procida for its unique cultural experience and traditions and describe the island as a humble destination that has remained true to its age-old roots.

There are no nightclubs, luxury hotels, or designer shops in Procida, specifically for the reason that the locals made a promise to keep the island’s traditions and embrace their beauty.

Despite the island of Procida refusing to give in to the allure of glitz and glamour, there are still a variety of different restaurants, bars, bakeries and gelato shops offering delicious Italian cuisines.


Stunning beaches

Procida is surrounded by stunning beaches that are a testament to the preserved natural beauty of the island.

Only accessible by ferry, Procida can be reached from Naples three main piers, Porta di Massa, Molo Beverello and Pozzuoli.

Once you arrive on the naturally beautiful island, you can go directly to the beach – with each beach only a short distance away from the island’s marina. Visit Pozzo Vecchio for deep black sands, Chiaia for breathtaking views of neighbouring islands Ischia or Ciraccio for a beach so long and secluded that you’ll feel as if you’re the only person there.


Rich history

Home to the medieval prison Terra Murata, Procida is filled with a rich history that you can only truly appreciate once you’re on the island. No longer housing criminals, travellers can tour the prison to gain a sense of what life was like behind these walls.

For a lighter historical experience, wander the skinny lanes lined with charming houses in Abbazia San Michele Arcangelo. Take in the fisherman’s outpost vibe, the seaside feeling that Procida prides itself on to get a true understanding of the essence of the beautiful island.


A celebration of the arts and culture

As one of the most authentic islands in Italy, Procida is a celebration of Italy’s art and cultural heritage. To celebrate being named Italy’s Culture Capital of 2022, the small island is currently working on a rich calendar of events. These events will showcase the deep natural beauty of the island, plus years of history, unique art, music, food and architecture. There are currently 44 projects in the works in the seaside town, which promote environmental sustainability, urban regeneration and more.

Come and experience Procida: Italy’s Culture Capital of 2022, and find out for yourself why this small, beautiful island earned one of Italy’s most prestigious awards. Make it real.

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